I have graduated as a Conference Interpreter at the  Centre for Translation and Interpreting at the University of Vienna, with the Bursary of the European Union. Thanks to the curriculum of the University I had the opportunity to improve my interpreting and translating skills not only between my mother tongue Hungarian and a foreign language, but also between English and German - a humbling and exciting challenge ever since.

Knowledge in methodology, professional, cultural and linguistic skills acquired here is the basis of my professional doing, extended by the invaluable experience I gained thanks to interpreting and translation task I had the pleasure to take part in since. Identifying myself as an alumna of German and English Studies of Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest (ELTE) and of International Studies of the Corvinus University of Budapest (BCE), I value the expertise in the culture of the target languages and being versed in the issues of social sciences, economics, politics and history.

Besides these core domains I also regularly have the chance to test my skills in the field of automotive and food industry, theatre, film, human rights and community interpreting.

Since 2017 I hold full membership of the Hungarian Association of Freelance Interpreters and Translators (SZOFT)  and of Universitas Austria since 2020.

Under the aegis of continuous professional development I take pleasure in practicing different modi, strengthening my interpreting stamina or simply extending my knowledge of language.

Photo: András Juhász